Re, the Red Sun and the Serpent Jet Stream Apophis

Was the snaking Jet Stream observed attacking the Sun on a daily basis?

Jet Stream Serpent

Diagram showing the northern and southern jet streams. Herein lies the source of all the world encircling serpent myths!

The jet Stream(s) is a fast stream of air meandering across the sky. Today it is ‘mostly’ invisible (it can be seen under certain circumstances, see update and photos below) to the naked eye, in ancient times this was most definitely not the case. Cosmic chaos, dust and debris and a hazed Red Sun rendered the Jet Steam highly visible to ancient cultures around the world. Looking up it was seen as a gigantic cosmic snake meandering across the sky – a world-encircling serpent sometimes holding its tail in its mouth. To the Egyptians it was known as Re’s (the Sun) perennial adversary Apophis.

Apophis (Apep) god of evil, darkness and chaos.

Apep Re Apophis

The “Great Cat” of Re, “who dwells in Heliopolis” kills the serpent Apophis shown coiled around the sacred sycamore tree which was a symbol of the Sun.

Apophis was the great adversary of the sun god, Re and was the very embodiment of the powers of dissolution, darkness and non-being. Hence, he was a sort of void or “black hole” forcing those he swallowed into that non-existence which the Egyptians feared so greatly. Being completely outside of the natural world, he was believed to require no nourishment other than to “breathe” his own shouts. He was a huge serpent who was thought to have existed at the beginning of time in the waters of primeval chaos prior to creation and his power was so great that it was thought that he would continue to exist in an endlessly malevolent cycle of attack, defeat and resurgent attack. He is thus known by many epithets, ranging from evil lizard, opponent and enemy to world encircler and serpent of rebirth. During the Roman period, he was interpreted as “he who was spat out” and linked to the saliva of the goddess Neith.

There are various accounts of this malevolent force, but overall, as the sun god made his nightly voyage through the underworld and each morning as the solar barque was about to emerge into the daylight, it was attacked by the great serpent whose terrifying roar echoed through the darkness. The serpent was said to hinder the passage of the solar barque by means of its coils which are described as “sandbanks”, and also by gorging the waters of the underworld river in order to attempt to strand the barque of Re.

Apophis was sometimes equated with Seth, the god of chaos, yet the nature of Apophis seems to have always been dark and threatening, while Seth could at times be beneficial. In some texts, Seth was even enlisted by the sun god in order to defeat the serpent. According to some mythologies, Apophis hypnotized Re and all of his entourage who sailed with him, with the exception of Seth, who resisted the serpent’s deadly stare and repulsed him with the thrust of a great spear.

In some accounts he was captured in magical nets and his body was cut into pieces – though each night he is revived to attack once more. In fact, in some myths, the sun god is encircled or swallowed by the serpent who later disgorges him as a metaphor of rebirth and renewal.

Apophis Sun Cat

The defender of Ra/Re, the Sun cat cutting the head off the ever returning Apophis.

Apophis, like Seth, was also associated with various frightening natural events such as unexplained darkness such as solar eclipse, storms and earthquakes. Hence, he was always an underlying threat to the very stability of the cosmos.

Apophis is usually depicted in funerary texts and other settings as a great serpent, sometimes with tightly compressed, spring-like coils to emphasize his vast size. He is sometimes described as being over sixteen meters in length, with the first section of his body made of flint. He is usually shown being restrained, dismembered or in the process of being destroyed, often by multiple knives.

Apophis was, of course, never worshipped. However, he was included in various cults as a god or demon to be protected against. Various magical texts and rituals were produced to combat his effects upon the world.

In the Late Period, spells were read in temples daily to protect the world from the threat of the sun god’s arch enemy. An associated ritual involved cutting into pieces and burning with fire a wax model of the serpent. Other rituals involved drawing a picture of the serpent in green on a new piece of papyrus, which was then sealed in a box and spat upon for times before being set on a fire.

Source: Apophis (Apep), the enemy of Re – Tour Egypt

Were the Egyptians delusional in seeing a great cosmic snake attacking the sun? Or is it possible the evil Apophis was not only physically observed but is still with us even today?!

Jet Streams

Jet streams are fast flowing, narrow air currents found in the atmospheres of some planets, including Earth. The main jet streams are located near the tropopause, the transition between the troposphere (where temperature decreases with altitude) and the stratosphere (where temperature increases with altitude). The major jet streams on Earth are westerly winds (flowing west to east). Their paths typically have a meandering shape; jet streams may start, stop, split into two or more parts, combine into one stream, or flow in various directions including the opposite direction of most of the jet. The strongest jet streams are the polar jets, at around 7–12 km (23,000–39,000 ft) above sea level, and the higher and somewhat weaker subtropical jets at around 10–16 km (33,000–52,000 ft). The northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere each have both a polar jet and a subtropical jet. The northern hemisphere polar jet flows over the middle to northern latitudes of North America, Europe, and Asia and their intervening oceans, while the southern hemisphere polar jet mostly circles Antarctica all year round.

Jet Stream Apophis

The serpent jet stream meandering from west to east across the US.

(Please note; I cannot find any similar diagrams of the jet stream flowing over Europe/Africa. It would seem the metrological office in the UK deem the jet stream a bit to complicated for our small brains).

The northern hemisphere polar jet stream is most commonly found between latitudes 30°N and 60°N, while the northern subtropical jet stream located close to latitude 30°N. The upper level jet stream is said to “follow the sun” as it moves northward during the warm season, or late spring and summer, and southward during the cold season, or autumn and winter

The width of a jet stream is typically a few hundred miles and its vertical thickness often less than three miles

The polar and subtropical jets merge at some locations and times, while at other times they are well separated.

Source; Wikipedia; Jet Stream.

See also: YouTube: How Does The Jet Stream Work?

The Jet Stream = Apophis.

Mythology based on some very real catastrophic events.

Planetary chaos saw the production of countless tons of dust and debris throughout the Pharaonic Period. Tons of dust permeated earth’s atmosphere, this along with volcanic dust not only assisted in hazing the sun red (exactly as depicted), it also rendered the jet stream highly visible, especially at dawn and dusk. From the location of Egypt which is around 30°N it was the 30° tropical jet that was observed on a daily basis. It meandered across the heavens as a giant serpent encircling the whole earth – the Egyptians called it Apophis.

Jet Stream Midgard Serpent

The Jet Stream clearly seen due to a dust filled atmosphere.

Apophis always attacks from the west for good physical reason.

In flowing from west to east the jet stream (Apophis) always opposes the Sun which travels from east to west – this is why Apophis was always seen to eternally attack or hinder Re. This would be especially so at sunrise (the time of great redness) where Re, further hazed by thicker dust on the horizon was observed struggling to defeat the snake of darkness. As the sun rose and the haze lessened Re’s light would eventually shine through – a sigh of relief as Re once again rose victorious in the east.

If Apophis flowed with the Sun I think we’d have a different story, one of a cosmic serpent actually accompanying Re in his barque of millions of years.

The fight to illuminate heaven and earth (Upper and lower Egypt) was a perennial struggle, indeed Re was seen to constantly battle Apophis throughout the day, courtesy of a hazed red sun. He didn’t defeat Apophis so much as render him less visible around the sun. Being less visible and thus less active was seen as victory over Apophis. Most of the time the jet stream (Apophis) was seen to merely hinder Re’s passage across the daytime sky. That said, some accounts reveal, on occasion Apophis actually swallowed the sun. This has led many to purpose we are dealing with a solar eclipse here. Strange thoughts, in that I’ve seen a few solar eclipses (okay, mostly on TV) but not once have I seen or envisaged a great snake swallowing the sun! Have you? Intense periods of chaos would see the sun blotted out by Apophis (JS) on a number of occasions. Re would, of course, eventually return to continue his daily struggle against the perpetual jet stream.

Following the Sun – a perennial confrontation as recorded.

There was no escaping the evil Apophis as he “followed the Sun” up and down the horizon throughout the year, just as the jet stream today follows the Sun up and down the horizon throughout the year!

Jet Stream Egypt Apophis

The serpent Jet stream Apophis directly above Egypt.

Apophis/Jet Stream in the forefront

The fact that Re was behind Apophis/Jet Stream and at a distance was probably recognised and as a result Re was never seen to physically overpower Apophis himself. This is why others deities (and some god king planets) were employed to tackle Apophis. As in the images, this was mainly the role of the ‘sun cat’ shown here caught in the act of dispatching Apophis with some very sharp knives.

Cutting Up Apophis

The “sun cat” attempting to cut up the snaking serpent jet stream.

“Apep, O Enemy of Ra! Turn your face away! Ra hates the very sight of you.” The head is then cut off, hacked in pieces and thrown away on either side of the roads … “Your head is crushed, O Groundling! Your bones are broken up and your flesh cut in pieces. Ra has consigned you to the earth, O Apep! Enemy of Ra!”

— Myth and Symbol in Ancient Egypt, R. T. Rundle Clark

As proposed the bovine goddess Hathor was earth’s celestial ring of debris (analogy, Saturn’s Rings) and it is with no surprise to find that Hathor also appeared in feline form to slay the chaos serpent. It is, just as we would expect given her astral location.

Apophis Coils

The serpent was said to hinder the passage of the solar barque by means of its coils which are described as ‘sandbanks.’ The coils merely represent the ridges and troughs of the jet stream as in the images. The fact that these often meandered into northern or southern moving loops (ref) is clearly reflected in the image below. Dust and debris (and the fact that sand is still falling to earth see The Sahara Desert) most likely gave the illusion of ‘sandbanks.’

Apophis Coils Loops

Apophis with coiled loops.

Apophis and the weather

“… Apophis was associated with fighting natural events such as unexplained darkness, storms and earthquakes as well as the underlying threat to the cosmos…”

(The Complete Gods and goddesses of Ancient Egypt, Wilkinson p 223)

Given cosmic chaos and the fact that the jet streams are largely responsible for our weather no surprise here then! It’s ironic to think that ancient cultures knew of the jet stream before its discovery in the final days of World War II

Deity Apep Slain

Apophis being warded off by a deity.

Apophis – several heads

Sometimes Apophis is shown with more than one head. This ties in with the aspects of the Jet Stream. It too could develop several heads, sometimes merging, sometimes looping.

God King connection (brief)

The god king planets (as you would expect) also assisted in vanquishing Apophis. There are a number of temple scenes (at Dendera, Deir el-Bahri, Luxor and Philae) which depict the king striking a circular ball-like object which represents the evil ‘Eye of Apophis.’ An earthly king carrying out a symbolic ritual or the luminosity of kingly planets actually observed having an effect on the jet stream? I believe the latter took place.

Some Hyksos kings were actually called Apophis (Apep). A tumultuous time in the heavens, rouge ‘moons’ with trailing debris (hence ‘Shepherd Kings’) are seen to dominate the heavens. They appear directly amidst the jet stream and are thus named.

Some Pharaohs (Seti/Mercury) were said to merge with Re during the hours of the night to tackle Apophis. Seti/Mercury today still follows the sun across the sky and under the earth during the night. There is much more to this, but let’s keep it simple.

As proposed here, here and here Horus should be disassociated from Re. He was an omnipresence sky god manifest in the god king planets. The occupation of certain locations (such as the horizons) by the astral kings is what led to the many forms of Horus. The Horus form Re-Horakhty represented a planetary body taking on the attributes (mirror image) and movements of the red sun i.e., rising and setting in front of Re, hence the name the ‘Re Horus of the Horizons’ — Re-Horakhty. In rising and setting ‘as Re’ it is with no surprise we find images of this particular Horus fighting off Apophis. In following the path of the Sun and seemingly encountering the Jet Stream, this is just as you would expect.

Egyptian Gods Re Horakhty

Seth fends off Apophis who tries to hinder the passage of Re-Horakhty, or “Horus of the two horizons” as he sails through the underworld (below the ‘flat’ earth).

Ancient Egypt was host to many serpent deities, some good some bad, some I have written about previously (see The Cobra goddess Wadjet). But there was only one giant adversary to the Red Sun and that was Apophis, the Jet Stream.

Mythology is rich with monstrous world encircling serpent snakes, Tiamat, Typhon or even the more recent Midgard Serpent from Norse mythology to name but a few. I would suggest many (if not all) have their origins in the jet streams. Different locations, different viewpoints would dictate which jet stream was observed and whether or not it was seen to swallow the sun or merely encircle the earth, causing untold destruction (observations of the Jet Stream would doubtless mean some sort of chaos).

You either believe ancient cultures were somewhat insane and lived in a surreal world of many thousands of fictitious gods or you add cosmic chaos into the equation – only then can we even begin to understand the enigmatic world of the ancients.

The following photos of the jet stream as seen from earth give us a good idea as to what may have been observed.

Jet Stream Apep

Jet Stream Over Enchanted Rock, Texas. Imagine this colored in with dust and snaking across the heavens.


Jet Stream Apophis midgard serpent

Serpent Jet Stream.


Augustine Volcano Alaska

Ash cloud from Augustine volcano about 75 miles southeast of Homer, Alaska, being sucked up by the jet-stream. Link

The above photo is very interesting in that numerous volcanoes were no doubt active (cause, close proximity planets) during pharaonic times and they have the ability to pump tons of debris high into the jet stream. This mixed in with debris falling to earth gives us a cosmic ‘snake’ whose main attribute was one of darkness and dissolution – as recorded a perennial hindrance to Re… Apep.

River Of Air

Look closely, these vortex swirls at the edge of the jet stream look very much like the tree shown with Apep, as in the image below. We would have to add a lot more dust and debris into the mix though.

Apophis Colour

Apophis Sycamore Tree

Were the vortex swirls seen as sycamore trees?

Apep was often coloured greyish/clear with black features (never red) as in the image on the left. He was also coloured yellow with black ‘debris’ spots as below right. As proposed the Sahara Desert is extraterrestrial in origin.

I believe the source of this sand, indeed the origin of all iron rich sand throughout the globe lies in the electromagnetic birth of Mercury (iron core) from Mars’ Valles Marineris only a few thousand years ago (circa 7/8th century BC). During this second sun genesis (recorded in the Amarna Period) incalculable amounts of vaporised rock and iron from around Mars’ core was produced. This eventually condensed and fell to earth as iron rich sand forming the majority of earth’s deserts and beaches.

Cutting Up Apophis

The defender of Ra, the suncat, a daily fight to cut the head off Apophis.

I briefly mention this because in falling to earth the jet stream would suck in vast quantities of sand and debris many times turning Apep yellow in colour. I would further suggest the yellow background found on many papyri and tomb paintings originated from a yellowish sand filled sky.

The image below shows a massive sandstorm (Sahara Sand) moving off the African Desert in 2000. It is not the jet stream, it is a lower altitude storm. I have included for the purpose of giving a better understanding of a ‘yellow sky’ and what may have been observed given my proposal of sand raining down on earth. Large quantities of which coiled and snaked around the globe as jet streams – in Egypt it was Re’s arched nemesis Apophis.

It has to be remembered the jet stream is very dynamic and although streams may seem somewhat stationary (as in the photos) they can rise and dip in altitude and latitude, thicken and thin, as well as split, form heads, disappear and reappear – all within a short time span. So one minute a relatively straight stream maybe observed, the next a coiled, even looped over serpent.

More Photos of the Jet Stream Apophis.

Apophis Atmospheric winds

The serpent jet stream & Clouds. Credit: Mario Hains



Jet Stream; Mid to Upper Troposphere phenomenon above the clouds.


Apophis Apep Midgard

The Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream can be seen crossing Cape Breton Island in the Maritime Provinces of Eastern Canada. The Jet Stream is a narrow zone of high-speed winds typically found at altitudes of 4 to 8 miles (8-12 km) above the earth. Credit: NASA

What is the Jet Stream? Link.

Another photo of the Jet Stream here.

And then there’s the ‘snaking’ Jet Streams on Jupiter. I would imagine similar ‘snakes’ were observed periodically swirling round my pharaonic planets?

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