• Ancient Egypt
    A comprehensive, in-depth look at Ancient Egypt (conventionally of course!)
  • Holoscience (Electric Universe)
    One of the premiere sites dedicated to the Electric Universe and plasma cosmology. Developed and managed by Wallace Thornhill, the site contains all of his Holoscience articles over the past eight years
  • The Society for Interdisciplanary Studies (SIS)
    The SIS was formed in 1974 to consider the role global cosmic catastrophes may have played in our history, and even recorded by cultures worldwide in their oral and written ancient traditions. I would urge anybody who has a interest ‘recent’ cosmic catastrophe and its many disciplines to subscribe to this none profit-making organisation. Its ‘Workshop’ publications contain many hidden gems.
  • Everything is Electric
    In the theme of an Electric Universe. If the information you seek doesn’t exist within these pages, then it probably doesn’t exit.

The God King Scenario