June 19, 2010

A favourable review by SIS of my ‘Amun, an Ancient Aurora Filled Sky’ article featured on the Thunderbolts site

Quote: “A wonderful insight.”



In reply to my offer to send The Conscious Media Network my latest book Comet Venus for review (Dec 09)


I had your work reviewed by a close friend of ours who has much knowledge in this area and she said it was the most true and interesting information she had seen on Egyptian history. Please send us your book.



An Ancient World in Chaos (Dec 2009)

Hi Gary

What a fascinating idea and so well described, I learnt heaps from reading your book, careful construction and good research are only half the battle in making a non-fiction book work, the rest of it comes from the writing, and in your case, the writing was professional and authoritative without being distant.

I have no hesitation in backing this book but wonder if it is more archaeology and anthropology as opposed to science. Interesting ideas in the early stages, replete with lots of information about ancient Egyptian societies. You have done such a good job here, well done.

Best wishes and good luck

Andrew W



Comet Venus

Hi Gary,

Just read your other one and this one is equally well written and researched and gets my backing too.

Impressive stuff

Andrew W

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Thunderbolts Forum

I think it almost certain that there was a stable configuration of planets before the Velikovsky times. And humans lived on Earth then and produced a lot of evidence for a particular configuration. However this evidence became mixed with later civilization and new gods. We cannot rely on datings so we need to work out just what the ancients saw in the sky, and your work is undoubtably a great step forward in this, and I urge others here on this forum to read your work.




The planets were probably in a different configuration before a reorganization period. However, although the state of humanity in this previous planetary configuration is significant, the real issue for humanity is the effects of the huge dramas and general struggle to survive that our ancestors went through. Thus the work of Gary Gilligan seems likely to lead to an understanding of the reorganization period. Everthing is Electric.




Everthing is Electric (Matthew)

As Gary Gilligan points out on his site great Egyptian Mythology site (The God King Scenario – the Egyptians have their Sun God as red? The only sensible idea is that their Sun was red. It does not matter what we think they lived in that time and worshipped the Gods. So their Sun had to be red. If it was not red then why was it shown as red?

Egyptian mythology – detailed, good explanations, lots of images to back up his ideas and theories. Great site by author Gary Gilligan who has a couple of catastrophe mythology books.



Average Customer Rating: 5 Star (2 reviews Amazon)


Terri Mac 5 Star

When I first started to read this book, I began to think that the author was a bit insane. After all, the proposal that errant planets such as Mars and Venus visited Earth for some 3,000 years in historical times in the guise of Egyptian divine kings and queens sounded unbelievable and I wasn’t convinced. However, as Gilligan continued to unroll his theory, it slowly drew me in as he explained everything in great detail. Finally, it dawned on me that these things had happened. The catastrophe theories put forward in this book actually occurred because it all made complete sense. I even felt it filled in a number of gaps – the missing pieces of the jigsaw concerning ancient Egyptian history. For me, the God King Scenario isn’t a theory – it is fact. It’s a must-read for anyone with an interest in cosmology, astronomy or ancient history. I am now starting to read it for the fourth time. Absolutely riveting!


K. J. Whittaker 5 Star

WOW. This book is a must read, i’ve never read a book that makes so much sense, Gary Gilligan “The Gilligan” theory explains it so well, and so simply, this has to be a contender for a best seller. I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK ENOUGH. Tell me i’m wrong, i dare you, THINK I’LL READ IT AGAIN



Jno Cook (

The site God King Scenario, at [] , promotes the book “An Ancient World in Chaos” (2008) by Gary Gilligan with a dozen synoptic pages from its contents. It takes on an analysis of Egyptian iconography, refreshingly direct and unpretentious, which assigns the Gods of Egypt to the known planets but Hathor to an equatorial ring system. Gilligan shows much more sensibility than most investigators, especially with respect to the basic fabric of religious philosophy. His evidence for the fact that most battles were held in the skies, not on land, is worth the price of the book alone.

I would disagree with the mechanics involved, and some of the chronology, and certainly would not assign the appearance of Mercury during the New Kingdom to an expulsion of the core of Mars, a la Ackerman. I think the strongest point of this book is to make sense of Egyptian religious beliefs in terms of the observable universe. Amazing.



John Theakston

“to say that I am impressed by the subject content of your book would be quite frankly, an understatement.”

“As with Velikovsky’s WIC, you likewise have presented a singular theory that explains a whole host of unusual phenomena and answers many questions that scholars even today cannot even begin to solve.”


The God King Scenario