Horus Behdety – The Winged Disk
(Horus Gods – Part 3 of 3)

Re-Horakhty takes flight giving rise to the winged disk.

The Winged Disk

Horus Behdety, the Winged Disk (not the Sun!). Temple of Sobek, Kom Ombo.
Photo: Alex Kaos.

Cosmic catastrophe in plain sight. A meticulously carved winged sphere – a direct representation of a winged planet that graced earth’s skies only a few thousand years ago.

Great God, Lord of Heaven, Dappled of Plumage.

The winged disk is a familiar emblem found in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and Persia. It can be found carved over temple doorways, on the rounded top of stela (as above) and on many papyri. The exact nature of the winged disk has been the subject of discussion and disagreement for over half a century.

Having no concept of catastrophism Egyptologists affirm the winged sun-disk represents the midday Sun (ref). A truly perplexing situation given the Egyptian noontime Sun graces the skies as a golden glaring ball – it doesn’t have wings and most certainly isn’t coloured red (the above orb was once coloured red). More than that, scholars are ignoring the text and iconography which clearly reveals the winged disk was venerated as Horus Behdety and was in fact the ‘son of Re,’ a totally separate deity to Re.

Again, disassociating from Re

To the ancient Egyptians the winged disk was yet another form of the god Horus. He was known as Horus Behdety, Horus of Behdet (Edfu) and belonged to the Haroeris (Horus the Elder) side of Horus. As with the majority of Horus forms many Pharaohs were believed to be the incarnation of Horus Behdety.

Horus Behdety was represented as a winged sun disk on temples all over Egypt, just as Ra had apparently decreed.


So wherever you see an image of the winged disk you are looking at Horus Behdety, not Re or Ra, but Horus Behdety, this is an accepted fact! And, as I contend, a totally separate entity (or manifested body) to the Sun.

Planetary chaos gives rise to a new winged form of Horus.

As we have seen the Horus form Re-Horakhty originated as a result of planetary god kings (Horus incarnate) migrating sunside (between the Sun and the earth) to many times rise and set in front of Re hence, the ‘Re Horus of the horizons.’ Horus Behdety also came about due to the location and attributes of the planetary kings, notably the movements and attributes of pharaonic Mercury. Mars and the Moon periodically exhibited winged traits upon close approach to earth during the New Kingdom, especially prior to and post Amarna Period.

However, it was the new born Mercury (Mars’ iron core) where the main origin of the winged disk lies. By a combination of the solar wind, remnant magnetism (Mercury, once the dynamo of Mars), and dust and debris, Mercury was seen to adorn ‘wings’ on numerous occasions (especially around noon) as it migrated from the vicinity of earth towards the Sun. It was clearly seen courtesy of a hazed red Sun, sometimes even seemingly sailing across the sky in Re’s solar barque of millions of years. Mercury’s birth was not only the primary orb responsible for the creation of the winged Horus Behdety, but also primary responsible for the winged disk throughout the ancient world.

Horus Behdety Solar

The spherical shape of Mercury easily discerned and represented accordingly. The twin cobras are a symbolic representation of a scolding hot surface lashing out into space (see Cobra Goddess Wadjet).

Behdety, the great god, the one of the many-coloured plumage, lord of the Heavens.

(The Beit Shean stela of Seti I)

A shadow caused by the winged Mercury when close to earth?

Behdety spreads his arms for you as a cool space.

(Amun temple at Karnak)

Horus Behdety the Son of Re.

The following reveals how ‘Horus, son of Re’ gave rise (literally) to Horus Behdety, clearly alluding to a separate Horus body – in this case Mercury.

At this juncture Thoth (Moon) declared that Horus, son of Ra, should be called Horus Behdety, and Behdet (Edfu) should be called the city of Horus; and Ra referred with pleasure to the blood which his son had shed and which he likened to grapes.

(The Gods of Egyptians, Budge, p 477).

Taken from The Legend of Horus of Behdety and the Winged Disk‘ (note: a late myth) the following excerpts not only confirm the Re ‘offspring’ relationship but also demonstrates some of the many distinct forms of Horus. They also clearly reveal that the main role of Horus Behdety was to assist Re in combating his enemies. Hardly surprising given that Mercury was pummelled by space debris as it dominated the skies to the forefront of Re (see The Nonexistent Battles of the Pharaohs).

And Isis (ecliptic plane), the divine lady, spake before Ra (sun), saying, “Let the exalted Winged Disk become the amulet of my son Horus, who hath cut off the head of the Enemy and the heads of his fiends.”

Then the Majesty of Ra Harmachis (the Re Horus in the horizon, analogous to Re-Horakhty) said unto thy divine Ka (double), “O Horus-Behdety, O son of Ra, thou exalted one, who didst proceed from me, overthrow thou the enemies who are before thee straightway.” And Horus Behdety flew up into the horizon in the form of the great Winged Disk, for which reason he is called Great God, Lord of Heaven, unto this day.

And when he saw the enemies in the heights of heaven he set out to follow after them in the form of the great Winged Disk, and he attacked with such terrific force those who opposed him, that they could neither see with their eyes nor hear with their ears, and each of them slew his fellow. In a moment of time there was not a single creature left alive. Then Horus Behdety, shining with very many colours, came in the form of the great Winged Disk to the Boat of Ra-Harmachis (The ‘Re Horus in the Horizon’)…”

And Horus Behdety said, Advance, O Ra, and look thou upon thine enemies who are lying under thee on this land; thereupon the Majesty of Ra set out on the way… “

And Ra said unto Horus of Heben, O Winged Disk, thou great god and lord of heaven…”

Then Ra (Sun) said unto Thoth (Moon), See what mighty things Horus Behdety (Mercury?) hath performed in his deeds against the enemies: verily he bath smitten them!

It is truly perplexing how scholars lump all Horus gods (in addition to so many other deities) into the category of ‘solar gods’ when the text unequivocally reveals otherwise.

Below is an example of two distinctive forms of Horus joining forces to vanquish Egypt’s enemies. It’s more than possible that Mars and Mercury are being talked about here (as two forms of Horus).

Thus Horus Behdety and Horus, the son of Isis (Harsiese), slaughtered that evil Enemy, and his fiends, and the inert foes, and came forth with them to the water on the west side of this district. And Horus Behdety was in the form of a man of mighty strength, and he had the face of a hawk, and his head was crowned with the White Crown and the Red Crown, and with two plumes (cometary tails) and two uraei, and he had the back of a hawk, and his spear and his chain were in his hands. And Horus, the son of Isis, transformed himself into a similar shape, even as Horus Behdety had done before him.

Horus Behdety fights constantly against Seth and an army of darkness to ensure that the sun rises each day.


I would suggest we have a separate body seemingly assisting Re as it rises in the east.

Horus Solar Disk

Photo: Isawnyu

Sailing across the heavens in Re’s boat.

Then Horus Behdety took upon himself the form of the Winged Disk, and he placed himself upon the front of the Boat of Ra. And he placed by his side the goddess Nekhebet and the goddess Wadjet, in the form of two serpents, that they might make the enemies to quake in [all] their limbs…

(For the ‘two serpents,’ see Egyptian Cobra Goddess Wadjet).

And Horus Behdety was at the back (or, side) of them in the Boat of Ra, and those who were following him had spears of metal and chains of metal in their hands…

And Horus Behdety made a journey in the boat of Re…”

Then Horus Behdety spake in the presence of his father Ra, saying, I beseech thee to set thy boat against them, so that I may be able to perform against them that which Ra willeth; and this was done.

The first rock from the sun Mercury, even today travels with the sun across the sky, only today it is deemed invisible due to the glare from the Sun. Not so only a few thousand years ago, numerous bodies were observed seemingly cruising aboard Re’s eternal barque, courtesy of a hazed sun. The Moon, once a month and for a few days either side of new moon today also follows the sun across the sky; so as I said before I’m not ruling out other bodies as Behdety manifest, especially given that our moon was molten hot and glowing red only a few thousand years ago. Incidentally, some have discussed how the ancients could possibly measure the exactly timing of the New Moon. Answer; they simply observed it as it lined up (conjunction) with the Sun.


The God King Scenario