The Ram-Headed Amun and the Magnetic Field of Mars (and for a time, Mercury)

Ramesses Amun Sphinx

The Egyptian god Amun in the form of a Ram protecting the pharaoh Ramesses II (Mars) between its paws, Karnak Temple, Luxor, Egypt.

Earth's Magnetic Field

Earth’s magnetic field.










Is it possible the ram-headed Amun is a symbolic representation of a planetary body exhibiting similar electromagnetic traits to that of earth? Was the magnetic field of Mars observed during Pharaonic times?

It is presumed the reader has a basic understanding of the God King Scenario, if not see here and here.

The King of the Gods Amun (Amen) = Global Aurora

Cosmic catastrophe in ancient historical times gave rise to intense geomagnetic storms (aurora) which were observable day (courtesy of a hazed Red Sun) and night and on a global scale. This being a natural consequence of planetary chaos. As proposed here these magical dancing neon’s lights were deified as the great god Amun. His epithets and imagery are completely consistent with this identification. For example, Amun was known as the ‘hidden one’ – ‘the one whose true form could never be known’ and the ‘silent one.’ Very apt descriptions of dynamic shimmering lights dominating earth’s skies. When pictorially represented, Amun’s most common form was that of a human wearing a very distinctive plumed ‘auroral’ headdress. The shape and colours of the plumes a direct, face value, representation of shimmering curtains of light, as demonstrated in the images below.

Amun Amen Amon The Aurora Amun

Any planetary encounters would give us a aurora filled sky (right), this is why Amun (left) was known as ‘The King of the Gods.’

In appearing amidst a sky filled aurora the god king planets enjoyed a very close and personal relationship with Amun. Indeed this ‘dwelling within’ configuration led to numerous kings bestowed with befitting titles such as ‘Beloved of Amun’ and ‘Chosen of Amun.’ In addition to this, pharaohs were crowned king, reigned and fought many great cosmic battles (Megiddo, Kadesh) under the authority of the great sky god Amun.

Egypt’s divine queens (who should be primarily associated with the planet Venus) were even closer to Amun, they were considered ‘god’s wife of Amun.’ This divine marriage was due to ‘queen Venus’ not only dwelling within Amun, but also adorning two large ‘auroral’ cometary tails whilst appearing amidst earth’s twin plumed magnetotail, which should also be identified with Amun. (see Amun, and Comet Venus). The Egyptians believed that if god’s wife (Venus) didn’t have very ‘intimate’ relations with Amun (aurora), the next king would not be born and the whole cosmos would fall into chaos. Only in the context of cosmic chaos and the God King Scenario can such enigmatic beliefs be understood.

It is planetary bodies exhibiting electromagnetic, or Amun ‘traits’ that is of particular interest here.

Amun – The Ram-Headed Sphinx

Another prominent form of Amun was that of a ram-headed sphinx. This mainly statue form of Amun can be found lining avenues, or processional ways as in the images below.

Avenue Of Sphinx

Avenue Of Sphinx Amun

What are we to make of this form of Amun?

As proposed in previous works, Amun wasn’t just the god of the seemingly earth bound electrical apparitions, far from it. In an electric universe errant planets also exhibited glowing auroral and electromagnetic traits. Such magical phenomena was also naturally attributed to Amun. This furthering the close and personal relationship that already existed between the astral monarchy and Amun.

The magnetic field of Mars (home).

Mars was once earth-like in every sense in that it was home to vast oceans, land masses, mountains and valleys and an atmosphere conducive to life (human life), moreover, it was home to an electromagnetic field which was once stronger than earth’s magnetic field today. Three thousand years of planetary encounters with earth (Mars, Venus and the Moon) has seen Mars in the guise of Egypt’s god kings literally battle (Pharaonic battles) itself from an earth-like planet to its now frozen desolate state.

Valles Marineris MarsThis cataclysmic process saw the slow but systematic tearing down of Mars’ magnetic field, as its solid iron core was ripped out through the Valles Marineris, an enormous scar (same diameter as Mercury) still visible on the Martian surface as in the image below. The Amarna Period records this incomprehensible event.

As Mars was torn apart it took on many forms – an incandescent red orb in the image of Re (red Sun) would be the main one, another would be a blue egg-shaped orb with a ring of debris around its girth, as represented in the blue crown, to name another.

It is proposed here that another prime manifestation of pharaonic Mars when in close proximity to earth was that of a planetary body with a highly visible magnetic field. It was symbolically represented in the ram-headed form of Amun.

Earth’s Magnetic Field.

The Earth is like a great big magnet. The north pole of the magnet is near the top of the planet, near the geographic north pole, and the south pole is near the geographic south pole. Magnetic field lines extend from these poles for tens of thousands of kilometers into space; this is the Earth’s magneto sphere.

Using the diagram of earth’s magnetic field at the top of the page as an analogy and comparing it to the image of Amun protecting the PharaHorus Protecting Ramessesoh alongside. The ram’s head represents the body of Mars (or Mercury?) whereas, the most distinguishing feature, the ram’s horns, clearly represent a visible magnetic field seen looping around and shielding the body of Mars. The magnetic field deemed visible by dust and debris.

A statue of the divine Ramesses the Great is placed between the paws to signify, at this particular time, this aspect of Mars was venerated as the god king Ramesses, which means ‘Fashioned by Re.’ In other words, a red Mars/Ramesses seemingly fashioned by the father to all red orbs, the perennial red sun, Re.

The best Egyptologists can come with here is, we have an imaginary aspect of the solar god Re, in the form of an enigmatic Ram protecting an earthly pharaoh, indeed! The GKS suffers from no such blurred and vague interpretations and it’s possible to take the iconography at face value. Electrical apparitions were seen enveloping Pharaonic Mars and this was represented in the Ram headed sphinx. Throughout Egypt there exists numerous sky gods shown in similar protective poses. A prime example; on the right we have the omnipresent sky god Horus (embodiment of kingship) protecting the god king planet Ramesses. The disk represents the orb of Mars/Ramesses and most definitely NOT THE SUN!




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