The Ram-Headed Amun and the Magnetic Field of Mars (and for a time, Mercury)

Mars, the original Ram-headed sphinx

Ancient Egypt SphinxMars set many precedents throughout its demise. It sat ‘in’ a dust filled horizon on numerous occasions and, having once being home to an electromagnetic field, Mars became directly responsible for the invention of the ram-headed form of Amun. Mars, however, wasn’t the only body that exhibited electromagnetic dipole traits, or ‘ram-headed’ qualities. After its exit through the Valles Marineris, Mercury having once being the solid iron core of Mars, superseded Mars in displaying ‘Amun traits’ for centuries after its birth. This essentially due to Mercury being one gigantic planetary magnet. Mars, on the other hand, having lost its iron dynamo saw its ‘ram traits’ rapidly dissipate.

I say this for several reasons, the main one being there are a range of kings I associate with Mars and Mercury and for a period of time after Mercury’s birth both were shown to be protected by the ram-headed sphinx. However, my Mercury associations continue well past my Mars pharaohs. Given that Mercury today still shows signs of remnant magnetism whereas Mars has no magnetic field I would suggest this was the natural sequential order of things.

Alexander The Great Alexander Great Coin

Above are two coins depicting Alexander the Great with the horns of Amun. I associate Alexander the Great with a phase of Mercury (?) which rampaged back to earth’s skies late in Egyptian times before heading off to its present day orbit. Alexander had the epithet the ‘two horned’ or ‘Sire with the two horns.’ Are we dealing with pure idealism or perhaps humans actually grew horns? For me the iconography is clear, it represents a kingly body (Mercury) displaying electromagnetic traits.

No queens protected by Amun in this way.

As proposed Egypt’s divine queens should be associated with the planet Venus, and in appearing amidst intense global aurora they were also adorned with the title ‘god’s wives of Amun.’ However, despite this very close and personal relationship with Amun, this author can find no statues, coins or otherwise, depicting any queens protected by Amun in the way he is shown protecting Egypt’s kings – none! This speaks volumes in that Venus is a new planet, it has no intrinsic magnetic field, in other words, it has never had the ability to exhibit ram-headed traits.

Timing, no coincidence!

The ram-headed form first appeared during the reign of Amenhotep III (also known as ‘the dazzling Re disk of all lands’). During this time the Egyptians built The Avenue of the Sphinxes. A 2.7 kilometre (1.7 mile) road lined with ram-headed sphinxes (protecting Amenhotep/Mars) that connected the temples of Karnak and Luxor (Ref).

This is absolutely no coincidence!

Amenhotep III was just one of the many guises of Mars, and this is the time Mars locked into orbit above the Himalayas as it gave birth Mercury (the Aten). As above, this epoch was known as the Amarna Period. Just prior to and after the genesis of pharaonic Mercury, both Mars and Mercury displayed ram-headed traits, hence, the construction of sphinxes peaked around this time.

Himalayas Mars Egyptian

The left over almost circular imprint or ‘docking scar’ of the time Mars (and Mercury) locked into orbit above the Trans-Himalayas. This would be the same time as the formation of the deserts as countless tons of vaporized molten rock and iron from around Mars’ core condensed and fell to earth as iron rich sand – forming the deserts of Africa, the Middle East, and the entire Asian continent – all from Mars. See the Sahara Desert here, here and my ET sand book here).




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