Shamash (Shemesh/Utu) the Babylonian God of the Sun

Shamash Sun Utu

A photo of the Sun taken in 2005 with a 22 degree halo around it.

Shamash Sun God

the Symbol of the Babylonian sun god Shamash (Utu).


Does the symbol of Shamash represent a polar coaxial alignment comprising the planets Saturn, Venus and Mars as presented by proponents of the ‘Saturn Thesis’ or are we simply looking at a haloed Sun?

By using basic logic and reasoning the intention here is to demonstrate that the symbol of Shamesh has nothing whatsoever to do with a polar conjunction of planets. It was just as mainstream scholars believe, the symbol of the sun (just as the Egyptian Ra was also the Sun). Furthermore, it will be shown that the Babylonians did not portray the sun as a golden glaring ball (as we observe today) due to moisture and dust in earth’s atmosphere – this resulted in giving the Sun a haloed star-like appearance. Essentially, the symbol of Shamesh (above) is an almost exact (with the addition of wavy ‘heat’ lines) representation of the Sun as viewed from the location of Mesopotamian cultures.

To be continued …



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