Geological Evidence

Global Catastrophes, Dark Ages & Impact Cratering on Earth

Approximately 5,200 (3,200 BC) years ago cosmic chaos began when a giant interloper entered our solar system and smashed into the largest planet, Jupiter. Such was the force exerted upon Jupiter (enough to blast the Earth into smithereens many times over) it caused an apocalyptic explosion which resulted in the birth of Venus as well as unimaginable quantities of space debris (including our Moon). The impact was of such high velocity that it caused a SOLAR-SYSTYEM-WIDE catastrophe and a 200-300 year Dark Age on Earth.

With the first two links we have corroboratory evidence linking the genesis of chaos with geological evidence here on Earth. I will tie in further dates, such as the global DA of 1,200 BC caused by Venus as it crossed the obit of Earth to begin its journey to its current location (second rock from the sun) at a later date.

Something happened 5,200 (3,200 BC) years ago

The sudden beginning, did something happen in 3,114 BC (5,200 years ago)? Why did the first great civilisations collapse suddenly and at the same time around 2200 BC? 
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Ancient Crash, Epic Wave

Global catastrophes 2300 BC & 1200 BC

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Collapse of the Old Kingdom Approx 2,200 BC The ‘First Dark Age,’

Meteor clue to end of Middle East civilisations


Scientists at Cardiff University in the UK believe they have discovered the cause of crop failures and summer frosts some 1,500 years ago – a comet colliding with Earth.

Impact Cratering on Earth

Greek Dark Ages

Dark Age Greece.

Early South American culture doomed by earthquakes, floods, blowing sand

Egypt in the Third Intermediate Period Approx. 1100 BC

A Brief History of Chariot Warfare and Its Effects on the Catastrophe of ca 1200 B.C.
A Brief History of Chariot Warfare.

1200 BC – War, Climate Change, and Cultural Catastrophe

Ancient Egypt Cities Leveled by Massive Volcano, Lava Find Suggests

Comet smashed into Germany in 200 BC

Discovery of crater indicates meteorite impact in Sahara

Kebira Crater: Possible Source of Libyan Desert Glass in the Sahara Desert

Comets and the Bronze Age Collapse

Dark Ages in history

Ancient tsunami ‘hit New York’

Mega meteor that crashed off Indian coast’ may have wiped out dinosaurs


Not so recent … or are they???

Were the First Americans Wiped Out By an Asteroid?

Comet blamed for 6th century ‘nuclear winter’

Collision with comet may have hastened first plague epidemic

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Tsunamis from Impacts (word document)

Diamonds tell tale of comet that killed off the cavemen

Fantastic Floods: About 15,000 years ago, in the waning millennia of the Ice Age, a vast lake known as Glacial Lake

Cosmogenic mega-tsunami in the Australia region: are they supported by Aboriginal and Maori legends?

Tsunami Swamped England 400 Years Ago

Where did all the iron rich sand in the Sahara desert come from? It wasn’t there 6,000 years ago?

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