AD results of disintegration during a Catastrophic Burst

Over the last 2000 [or maybe last 1000] years at least 50 comets have entered near or actual earth crossing orbits.
They have left such major meteor streams as:
Lyrids [2k old Thatcher] , October Orionids [Halley’s],Leonids, Perseids, Geminids, Andromenids [Biela,1K].
This indicates our being in the wake of an active young and maybe giant comet CS150.

AD300/500 Taurids added to/originated by sudden discharge from Encke [Edberg, 116 Kronk]

AD347-420 St Jerome – Based at Bethlehem, he translated the Bible into the Latin Vulgate. He is nearly always represented as an old man with a long beard [cometary symbol]. He has a stone [meteorite?] in his hand with which he beats himself. Rare among saints, he received a detailed vision of all the terrors of Doomsday. This was prompted by his reading of the 15 Signs of the 15 pre-apocalypse days in the Annales Hebraeorum.

Albrecht Durer [15c] made the saint the subject of his vision of the impending apocalypse [St Jerome in the Wilderness, National Gallery]. Durer saw Jerome as an apocalyptic mystic akin to himself

The portrayed saint may be experiencing visions of downpouring fire mingled with blood as a burning mountain is cast into the sea. Behind him is a foreboding sky with a threatening, portentous radiance, fiery in its intensity. Durer probably used the painting for private devotion.
On the reverse of the panel is a dark burst of red in a cloud of white. Inchoate/murky, it looks like an obscure stellar explosion. It is Durer’s representation of the great apocalyptic star which will fall burning like a lamp and make all the world’s rivers boil. [or the hastily executed painting of a COMET Independent 11 7 96] [main source Andrew Graham-Dixon, Visual Arts: Visions of the Apocalypse, National Gallery INDEPENDENT 6 8 96 Also see 15c, Durer]

AD440 A disaster wipes out the British population and erases what was then dense woodland – Gildas – ‘the fire of righteous vengeance…blazed from sea to sea..once lit it did not die burnt up almost the whole surface of the island..Horrible it was to see the foundation stones of towers and high walls thrown down bottom upwards..’ Fire is sent from heaven whilst the fire of heaven burns. Days are as dark as night. The Isle of Axholme was suddenly overwhelmed..vast numbers of trees were instantly burned through near the ground and fell aligned NW/SE [similar to Tunguska,1908].CW106ff, 284-5

Vortigern is leader of Lowland Britain. His fortress is destroyed by fire sent from heaven as the fire of heaven burned CW109

Treelines in Canada and Scandinavia recede 100 miles CW108

AD444,447 There are days as dark as night

AD450-60 Celestial Merlin’s fall/ strange collapse of sub-Roman Britain

AD472 Constantinople – a second sun brightens the sky. An unusual hissing, humming pervades the air. A blindingly dazzling huge white fireball manifests as the sky burns white-hot. The terrified populace in the streets feel searing heat and are temporarily blinded by the light. It fades copper red and the hissing stops. 10 silent seconds…a tremendous shock wave blasts in with a reverberating fiery sulphurous pressing breath. Fine black dust falls for an hour LEWIS J p1

AD500 Taurids added to by discharge from comet [probably Olijato] separated at earlier date from Encke [Edberg,116]
May Eta Aquarids meteor stream breaks from Halley’s comet Lewis 49

AD490-590 Severe climatic global depression. 110/138/284 Comet Biela [see 1846] may be the culprit. It caused further less destructive showers in AD524 & 585 CW281.

AD500-600 revival of ‘Arthurian’ Britain / European Dark Age
AD534-5 ¾ mile dia meteorite or 1-2 mile across comet fragment [size of those hitting Jupiter July 1994] collides with earth [force released 1000000+ Hiroshimas/several 100,000 megatons]. Creates world-wide dust veil, especially in northern hemisphere. – tree-ring data from north America and Europe shows 15 year slower growth. Sun dims dark 1½years. Result – Dark Age deepens. Massive crop failure in British Isles Italy Mesopotamia China [70-80% Chinese pop die]. Liang dynasty Emperor orders out 500,000 pop of Imperial City Loyang. China descends into chaos over next 10 years. AD 540+ First Middle East and European substantial bubonic plague due to catastrophic conditions [source David Keys Independent 25 7 94].

AD570 Year of birth of Mohammad- A line of light illuminates Busra town. Prodigies astonish the world. A great earthquake…Wave after wave of stones flattens the ranks of the people of the Elephant and spread pestilence see Comets in Mythology research.

June the Baptist

AX = from Anglo Saxon Chronicle Trans. G.N.Garmonsway [UK 1953/72 ]

AX 538AD 16 Feb [see 1105AD] Sun eclipsed from early morning till 9am.

AD616 Stones from sky crush over 10 Chinese and destroy siege towers. LEWIS 169

Ax 679AD Coldingham [Berwicks] was consumed by fire which came down from heaven.
AX 685AD … it rained blood, and milk and butter were turned into blood.
AX 776AD a red cross seen in sky after sunset.

June AD793 Northumbria -terrible portents – exceptional lightning storms, excessive whirlwinds and fiery flying dragons precede great famine.

AD1000 What is now the northern of the 2 November Taurid streams breaks away from Encke/another Taurid asteroid . 42 fireballs [some falling with great noise] are recorded attributable to the worlds most active meteor shower. World end – ‘Domesday’ -is expected. CS150 CW142,147,149,150,153,285

The then Oct 20 -Nov 18 [Kronk} fireball stream is at this time even stronger/denser than the midsummer Beta Taurids.
The latter’s importance is gradually fading, under dispersion and disintegration. Nevertheless, it remains [especially today]a powerful agent of midsummer catastrophe [see 1178 & 1975]:

AD1091 A large serpent falls from the sky as the earth rattles CS196

AX AD1104 In June, at noon, during Whitsuntide [name means white sun], 4 white intersecting halos appear about the sun, looking as if they had been painted [= a parhelion] All were astonished.

AX 1105AD 16.Feb [see 538AD] A small dark star with a very bright light shining from it. One evening, it seems like the beam is flashing towards the star. Other unknown stars are seen. Just before Easter, a full moon is seen in the east and west.
AX 1117AD 3 Jan Great Lombardy earthquake. Rains all year. 16 Dec Night sky very red, as if there was a conflagration in the sky. Epiphany 1118, severe lightning, terrible thunder claps.

AX 1127AD All Lent – Wild Hunt- black, huge, hideous riders of black horses with horrible black hounds with saucer eyes, 20+ sounding & winding horns by night. Seen by many in woods Peterborough-Stamford

AX 1131AD 11 Jan evening northern sky .. like a blazing fire, all who saw it ..more terrified than ever before.

AD1178 – 25 June An object around a mile across slams into the Moon releasing 100k megatons of power [10x global nuclear arsenal power or 24 tons of explosive for every human Lewis 50].

eye-witness account – ‘Its after sunset. The bright new moon has become visible. Suddenly its upper horn splits in 2. A lengthy flaming torch springs up, spewing out fire, hot coals, sparks. The moon writhes, throbbing like a wounded snake. This happens again and again, 12 times or more, turning the moon blackish along its whole length.’

The impact creates 13 mile diameter Giordano Bruno crater [just out of earth sight].CW159-62,
Luckily, the Moon was in line with the Earth,[which has 20 times more gravitational attraction for near earth orbiters [Lewis 51] ] or we would have received the impact CW10. The Beta Taurid boulder swarm is the most likely culprit.

AD1180 A comet viewed with horror looking like a winding serpent with gaping jaws. Smoky remnants may take the serpent shape when meeting atmospheric currents. CS191/196
AD1296 – A stony meteorite swarm impacted Russia CS174

AD1321-68 Chinese iron rain falls kills people and animals LEWIS 170

AD1337 A great comet appears. Locusts, famine, earthquakes etc. follow.

AD1345 – Black Death – flakes of fire fall like vast rain over Asia, burning everything and producing immense palls of smoke [Ziegler,] CW19-20, 274.

15c – Ancient terrors haunt the populace. Vision prone artists have apocalyptic dreams There is much sighing and moaning as meteors and comets make the sky the colour of blood, portending the end of the world. This fear is vividly portrayed in Durer’s paintings in which he identifies with St Jerome, the saint granted rare complete visions of the apocalypse [see AD347]
Durer portrays winged giant angels with scythe-like swords appearing over the Euphrates, harvesting humanity. The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse swarm across the face of the earth, a storm of death [=cometary symbolism] . Christ is enthroned in terrible majesty with the stars in his hand. [source Andrew Graham-Dixon, Visual Arts: Visions of the Apocalypse, National Gallery INDEPENDENT 6 8 96 .]

AD1490 2 – 3 lb stones sized from water chestnuts to goose eggs fall like rain kill over 10,000 [or tens of thousands] Chinese. LEWIS 170

AD1492 Austria – 3 cwt stone falls with a thunderclap LEWIS 10

AD1511 Celestial stoning kills birds, sheep, Italian monk LEWIS 169

AD 1633-64 Meteorite pierces Italian monk’s femoral [leg] artery. He bleeds to death LEWIS 169-70

AD1639 Several tens Chinese killed and many houses destroyed by large stone falling from nowhere. LEWIS 171

1650s Fall of stones kills 2 sailors mid Indian Ocean.

17c – Chiron, a giant comet over 150 miles diameter is flung by Saturn into an unstable, chaotic orbit. Further encounters expected with Saturn mean an 80% chance [effects of encounters on orbit are only relatively predictable] it will be thrown into the inner solar system in its around 100k life. Dust and asteroids from its disintegration would bring another ice age. [ Chiron is 100xmass of our giant, there are around 12 larger asteroids]. Pluto [a huge ice ball] and unstable Chiron are probably 2 major members of an immense ‘comet/asteroidal’ population in the Saturn-Uranus region We can only surmise at the moment as no systematic search is being made CW145/6, 259/60.
SPACEWATCH has found 2 others orbiting the Jovian planets – 200 km Pholus & 80 kmHA2. Lewis 146

July 24 1790 Solid crushes a Gascony cottage, killing farmer and some cattle.

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