Uranus – Solar System Billiard Balls

I have something similar in my book “Extraterrestrial Sands.” My only regret is not mentioning the resulting debris (moons) that would have transpired.

The following is taken from ET Sands. By the “big bang” I am referring to the initial impact/explosion/eruption on the SOLID planet Jupiter – the evidence still visible today in the form of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

The initial “big bang” caused a shock wave which reverberated around the solar system wreaking havoc, including knocking the planet Uranus on its side and instigating close encounters between Jupiter and Saturn (forming Saturn’s rings) which continued well into historical times. There were probably a number of similar ‘shock wave’ events or eruptions as Jupiter continued to churn out tons of dust and debris for millennia. On Earth I would tentatively link some of these to mass extinction events such as the Cretaceous- Tertiary boundary (K-T) event associated with demise of the dinosaurs, and the Younger Dryas boundary event (YDB), which resulted in tons of material raining down on Earth.

I would add, forget the absurd gazillion years scenario, these events occurred in the last 7-6,000 years!

The God King Scenario