The ‘great tilt’ that changed the face of Mars

In seems volcanic activity in the Tharsis region of Mars, the Solar System’s largest complex of volcanic rocks, caused a prominent bulge on the surface of the planet – the Tharsis dome. This in turn caused Mars to tilt over, reshaping its surface.

Canyon on Mars
Valles Marineris.
An enormous scar on the surface of Mars.

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Planetary scientists have got this one the wrong way round.

During numerous close encounters with earth (historical times) extreme tidal forces caused Mars to tilt with the subsequent eruption of many thousands of volcanoes and the raising of the Tharsis region which covers roughly one-third of the planet. The region is also home to Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system.

The above along with numerous other news items shows that Mars really has been through it and science is slowly proving me right.

Excerpt from Extraterrestrial Sands.

To gain some kind of idea of the apocalyptic events to have befallen Mars (home) I have suggested in previous works that it would be like placing Earth in some kind of erratic cosmic washer-dryer for 3,000 years with the setting on melt! It has been tossed, shaken, stirred, boiled and set alight, all of which has transformed it from an Earth-like planet to a now virtually dry, barren, frozen world.

We are all here courtesy of Mars’ demise which was once ‘earth-like’ in every sense. Our vast oceans owe there existence to the depletion of Mars’ oceans.

To gain an idea of the turmoil Mars has undergone, imagine transforming earth into the barren state we see Mars today… scary stuff as it happened once so it could happen again.

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