Gary Gilligan Foreword

When I first heard about planets in chaos and Gary Gilligan’s method of using ancient history to answer ancient mysteries, I assumed it was just another wacky book concerned with the proverbial little green men from outer space. How wrong I was! I have always been interested in astronomy, and in fact I am studying for an MSc in Science at the current time of writing (2007). I mention this fact not because of any feeling of self-importance, but merely to explain my relevance in providing a foreword for this book. I believe Gilligan’s theory, and indeed this book, is well-researched and extremely well-written. It certainly deserves to be studied seriously and acknowledged by academia worldwide.

We are all certainly familiar with the monsters, dragons, demons, gods and goddesses that ‘ruled’ the ancient world, but perhaps we have all made the same mistake of assuming they were simply fictitious creatures – mythical gods created as part of ancient folklore to excite and control the populace whilst providing answers to the mysteries of the universe, the meaning of life etc.

However, what if such creatures were inspired by a real world dominated by cosmic chaos and authentic god king planets who visited Earth repeatedly for an incredible 3,000 years. According to ‘An Ancient World in Chaos’, this is exactly what did happen over the past millenia. Mars and Venus visited Earth numerous times to dominate the heavens for thousands of years and were later joined by Mercury and the Moon? Gilligan’s theory also explains that cosmic chaos resulted in a diminished sun which in itself is such a revelation and explains so many enigmas that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it myself! It ties in exactly with ancient history and elucidates numerous conunrums that other scholars of Egyptology have completely failed to grasp.

Yet you may be wondering where it is written that cosmic chaos actually occurrerd throughout history? Where are the epic tales of god kings visiting Earth or the heroic fables of explosive battles among the panets? The key lies with one of the most fascinating and awe inspiring civilisations of antiquity – the ancient Egyptians and their ‘sacred hieroglyphs’.

It is ironic that, with the wealth of information available to us regarding this culture, we understand little about the world of the ancient Egyptians. Yet it is is essential that we fully understand this fascinating world if we are to truly make sense of our ancient forebears and their myriad of deities. And that is exactly what this book does. It is a work that is both fascinating and intriguing and will appeal to all who are interested in Egyptology, astronomy, science, history, ancient mythology, archaeology, physics, anthropology or just plain human nature.

In this first book in the series, ‘An Ancient World in Chaos’, we trace the period from the birth of civilization to the birth of Christ which is the legacy of cosmic chaos. We are also introduced to the incalculable amounts of debris created by planetary chaos and the way in which this debris was dieified by ancient Egyptians. Gilligan is frank in his admiration for the Egyptian civilisation, yet he is always totally loyal to the actual facts and refuses to overlook (or cover up!) inconveniences which don’t fit in with his proposals, something which cannot always be said of other experts.

As the series unfolds, we will uncover the mysteries of over 3,000 years of ancient history. But please note – this is NOT a book based on mythology and it is important to make this point clear from the outset. The series is based firmly on facts as provided by ancient historical documents and artefacts. These stories were faithfully recorded via ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and explain the very origins of this people.

Gary Gilligan’s series celebrates the spirit of a unique land and his great anthology must be read by anyone interested in the great tradition of Egyptian history and literature. It evokes a portrait of a land with all the associated beauties and horrors that formed the lives of its people, from common folk to monarchy. It reflects the feel and atmosphere of the age in which these tales of mythology and ancient lore were first told and provides a vivid portrait of this once great land.

This is the first book in the ‘God King Scenario ‘ series.

God King Scenario by Gary Gilligan.

The God King Scenario