Third Book – Extraterrestrial Sands – Coming Soon!

Apologies for not updating my web for a while as I’ve been busy writing my third book. It should be available by the latest February 2016, possibly sooner.

‘Extraterrestrial Sands’ presents a complete contrast (understatement) to any previous work as it is centered the geological evidence for catastrophism…. notably, the fact that earth is strewn with dust and debris from Mars, in particular sand. I won’t say too much now other than leave you with the cover blurb draft.

“Quartz sand is anywhere and everywhere imaginable on the surface of Earth. If forms the vast sandy Sahara and Arabian deserts – it makes up our beaches and is present in most soils. The question is; where did all the sand come from? Is it the result of billions of years of erosion from basement rock as is currently believed or could there be an alternative explanation? ‘Extraterrestrial Sands’ explores the radical idea that sand is extraterrestrial in origin.”

Updates to follow. Thank you all for your encouraging support over the last few years.

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