Ancient chronology and the recent discoveries at Saqqara.

Chronology & dating: what a mess!

Archaeologists/Egyptologists are finding anthropoid coffins and paraphernalia (excerpts from the the Book of the Dead, etc.) which “appear to date back to the New Kingdom era,” but show a direct connection with the Old Kingdom (2680–2180 B.C.).

In a feeble attempt to explain this conundrum Egyptologists are suggesting there was an Old Kingdom cult that lasted a 1,000 years.

“The coffins found in the burial shafts probably hold the remains of followers of a Teti-worshipping cult formed after the pharaoh’s death, writes Owen Jarus for Live Science. Experts think that the cult operated for more than 1,000 years; members would have considered it an honor to be entombed near the king.”

In other words, we are expected to believe that the Egyptians of the New Kingdom era (1570–1069 B.C.) ignored their current reigning divine pharaohs in favour of largely obscure kings buried a thousand years previous. Absurd!

These are just some of more prominent 18th & 19th dynasty (NK) God Kings that were seemingly ignored.

Thutmosis (I, II & III), Amenhotep, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun, “Ramesses the Great,” Horemheb & Seti & many more. 

The Egyptians believed the divine pharaoh to be the mediator between the gods and the world of men and without the king it was thought the whole universe would collapse into chaos. Given such a hierarchical relationship with the gods and the afterlife, did the NK citizens really snub their current rulers?

Doesn’t it make much more COMMON sense that ancient chronology is way out and that the “Pyramid Age” is an invention of later times, possible after the NK or even later i.e., the Late Period as proposed by Emmet Sweeney?

That would go a long way to explaining the puzzling scenario presented above, in that the New Kingdom burials and artefacts found at Saqqara were contemporary with the sixth dynasty rulers they were found next to. There was no harkening back a thousand years to long forgotten kings.        

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