Not Rivals but Culturally United

It is believed Upper and Lower Egypt (South and North) were first united under king Narmer circa 3200 BC. But recent discoveries have called this into question, in that, it seems the North and the South were not rivals but culturally united. As follows.

‘Not Rivals but Culturally United.’

“Sensational discoveries by a Polish mission in the Nile Delta have revealed that far from being hostile regions as previously supposed, Upper and Lower Egypt were politically united in pre dynastic times, says Jill Kamil”

“Remarkable in that they reveal that the ‘Two Lands’ of Upper and Lower Egypt were not rivals in pre dynastic times but culturally united.”

So much for the early iconic ‘smiting’ imagery such as the one depicted on the Narmer Palette. I guess we’ll have to rewrite the history books yet again!

The God King Scenario