Mars in 4K

New footage from Mars rendered in stunning 4K resolution

Advice: Bear in mind my catstrophist stance while viewing!

Which is as follows:

When comparing Mars to Comet Venus in my latest Extraterrestrial Sands book on page 103.

Even though Comet Venus scattered tons of material throughout the solar system this was mainly of a gaseous composition – there was little in the way of rocky debris. Essentially Comet Venus was a new planet in the process of cooling down – something it is still doing!

This would be in stark contrast to the dust, gases and rocky debris ejected from Mars. Mars really has to be singled out. Mars was once an earth-like planet in every sense. It was home to a magnetic field, an atmosphere, large oceans and was once teeming with life (our ancestors). Over a period of about 3,000 years (Pharaonic Egypt), all this was obliterated as Mars was systematically torn apart upon close approach to earth. It convulsed internally and externally on an unimaginable scale – this manifest in a number of ways. Its surface became a seething cauldron of bubbling, boiling hot lava lakes and ‘snaking’ lava rivers as thousands of fire spitting super volcanoes (which played a part in origin of the Egyptian cobra) and fissures erupted across the Martian globe. Its protective magnetic shield was torn down as its solid iron core (its dynamo, Mercury) exited through the Valles Marineris. Ongoing encounters also saw tons of material stripped from the northern hemisphere of Mars.”

Essentially, Mars battled itself to death while the newly formed Venus cooled down (something it is still doing) – the seemingly god-like warrior king to the largely passive queen.

Similar surfaces

As far as I’m aware nobody has noticed that the surface of Venus (which is known to be scorching hot and in places a seething mass of molten lava) is strikingly similar to many parts of the Martian surface shown in the 4K video. This speaks volumes and tells us that large parts of Mars were also once a seething mass of molten lava! Thus offering further support for my thesis.  

Surface of Mars, a snapshot taken from the Mars 4K video.

Now take a look at the image below of the Venusian surface. As I’m sure you will agree they show striking similarities! This is because Mars was, as Queen Venus is today, a incandescent red ball of molten lava only 2,500 years ago.

Image from the surface of Venus, taken by Venera 13, a Russian probe – from 1982.

New! 4K Mars part 2

NEW Mars in 4K part two. Stunning!

The God King Scenario