InSight Mars Lander

Just to remind those interested: The Mars probe InSight should touchdown around 7.50 pm GMT tonight (Nov 26, 2018) Watch NASA live here

Part of the mission will be to unlock geological secrets of the planets core, using a probe to dig 16’ (5m) beneath the surface. The findings should prove very interesting.

My stance has always been that Mars was once Earth-like in every sense. It was home to a magnetic field, an atmosphere, large oceans and was once teeming with life (inc. our ancestors). Over a period of about 3,000 years (Pharaonic Egypt), all this was utterly obliterated as Mars was systematically torn apart upon close approach to Earth.

It convulsed internally and externally on an unimaginable scale – this manifested in a number of ways. Its surface became a seething cauldron of bubbling, boiling hot lava lakes and “snaking” lava rivers as thousands of fire-spitting super volcanoes (which played a part in origin of the Egyptian cobra) and fissures erupted across the Martian globe. Its protective magnetic shield was torn down as its solid iron core (its dynamo, Mercury) exited through the Valles Marineris. On-going encounters also saw tons of material stripped from the northern hemisphere of Mars. Erroneously believed to have been caused by a mega impact (Wiki), this now forms the North Polar Basin, which falls to a depth of 6 kilometres and covers a whopping 40 percent of the planet. In addition to this, oceans boiled and countless tons of volatiles, vaporised rock and iron, dust and debris were either blasted out into space or stripped from the Martian surface by the solar wind.

In short; Mars has been tossed, shaken, stirred, boiled and set alight, all of which has transformed it from an Earth-like planet to a now virtually dry, barren, frozen world.

Let’s see if the InSight experiments further support my stance.

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