Your Very Real Celestial “Double.”

Scholars unaware of “An Ancient world in Chaos” are totally flummoxed by the whole “double” belief system.

The Ka personified by the king

Support for the God King Scenario.
Tutankhamun and his celestial double (ka) embracing Osiris (star form) on the left. The above offers clear support for the God King Scenario and the whole ‘double’ belief.

In this scene the king’s Ka is on the right, standing behind Tutankhamun himself.

The idea of the ka is very complex and debated extensively. Man is born with his Ka (sometimes called his double), which constitutes his vital energy. But after death the man is reunited with his Ka (dying is in fact referred to as ‘passing on to one’s ka’), whose function is different. The Ka-figure is bedecked with a tri-partite wig; on the top of this stands the Ka hieroglyph (Gardiner D28) which holds two further signs between the upright arms; these in turn read “powerful bull”, this being a standard royal epithet. The ka-figure has the long curved beard characteristic of the gods from the beyond. In one hand he is holding the sign of life, and with the other he is embracing the young king who is standing in front of him. A similar image is found in the tomb of Ay, Tutankahmun’s successor (see tb-35).

A short text identifies this Ka-figure as: “The royal Ka of the one who is at the head of the changing room (of the royal palace)”.

“The idea of the ka is very complex and debated extensively.”

No, it isn’t!

It’s quite simple really; we have a world dominated by cosmic chaos and this is what led to the ‘natural’ belief in personified celestial doubles, or Ka’s.

The Egyptians believed that everyone was born with an astral Ka (double) or soul – a real physical sky dwelling double attributable to a sky filled with errant planetary bodies and a multitude of asteroids and comets (& dust, gas and debris). A twin that they would unite with upon death to undertake a perilous journey to a life of eternity among the Osirian stars (akh). This belief is of paramount importance and should be taken face value. Adopting my scenario (GKS), goes a long way to explaining the very enigmatic and ‘colourful’ world of ancient cultures.

The God King Scenario