Cosmic dust grains found on city rooftops for the first time

Micrometeorites (MMs)

Misleading “first time” heading. Relatively old news. Iron micrometeorites (& stony MMs) falling to earth globally have been known about for many years. With a magnet I filtered out a good selection years ago in my backyard in London. I have a small section in my Extraterrestrial Sands book on how to do this. See also here.

Cosmic dust up close: This is one of 60 micrometeorites extracted from 2.7 billion year old limestone, from the Pilbara region in Western Australia. These micrometeorites consist of iron oxide minerals that formed when dust particles of meteoritic iron metal were oxidised as they entered Earth’s atmosphere, indicating that the ancient upper atmosphere was surprisingly oxygen-rich.

The question is: Do micrometeorites originate from the birth of the solar system as per consensus or are they the result of more recent planetary upheaval? I contend MMs (along with unfathomable quantities of dust and debris) derive from the birth of the Mars’ iron core to become the planet Mercury. A monumental event (incomprehensible to most) that occurred during historical times!

See: The Birth of Mercury and the Demise of Mars

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