Comet Venus

Did the planet Venus appear as a comet during ancient times?

Interaction between Venus and the solar wind. Credits: ESA (Animation by C. Carreau)
Mars, Earth and Venus are immersed in a flow of plasma, an ionized and highly variable gas originating from the Sun, called the solar wind.

The above shows the effect of the solar wind on Venus today. The plumed ‘comet tail’ can only be detected by magnetometers and charged particle detectors. However, place Venus on an eccentric orbit in a highly charged ‘dusty’ environment and the normally invisible magnetotail (and bow shock) would become highly visible. In addition, given my scenario, Venus was far more active 3,000 years ago – outgassing incalculable quantities of yellow sulfur gasses from its many thousands of volcanic vents (something it is still doing). This would also play an important part in granting luminosity to Venus’ plumed magnetotail.

And what’s more, the ancients clearly observed it emblazoned on earth’s skies!

Comet Venus comparison.
Left: Snapshot taken from the clip above and rotated 90 degrees. Right: Comet Venus personified as Ankhsunamun wife of Tutankhamun/Mars.

Compare the comet image snapshot on the left to the headdress worn by the Egyptian queen Ankhsunamun, wife of Tutankhamun/Mars.

The similarity is nothing short of striking!

Many divine New Kingdom queens are depicted wearing the same Comet crown, including Cleopatra. Why? Because they were all first and foremost divine aspects of Venus.

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Comet Venus
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