The Birth of Mercury and the Demise of Mars (gks 9)


As Mercury was extracted from Mars incalculable amounts of vaporised iron rich sand was also created, this condensed and fell to the earth as sand.

Desert Earth ChaosMars spewed out oceans of iron rich sand forming the global sand scar (& rock debris) we see today stretching out from the Trans Himalayas right across to North Africa (it’s possible this particular sand was formed from iron, a TV space documentary mentioned this once – further research required here).

As Mars anchored above the Tibetan-Himalayan complex there was also an intermingling of atmospheres (again a natural sequence of events). Mars losing out as earth sucked countless tons of volatiles from Mars. This phenomena was observed by ancient cultures. Mesopotamian cultures (virtually next door) looked up and saw a cosmic ‘tree of life’ (the hanging gardens of Babylon, etc.) reaching up and out towards the gods – numerous times with a winged disk (Mars) above it. The image below captures this.

Mesopotamia Winged Disk

Herein, I believe lies the origin of the Christmas tree.

Christmas Tree Mars

From the perspective of the ancient Egyptians (a little further around the globe), they in all probability did not observed the ‘tree of life’ but just the winged disk (logical?). If it was observed it probably took on the appearance of Tutankhamun’s (Mars) winged scarab. Tutankhamun – “The Lordly Manifestation of Re.”

Tutankhamun Scarab Mars

‘Gravity wave’ clothing explained.

Saturn's Gravity Waves

The effect of one of Saturn’s moons ‘gravitationally’ perturbing its rings.

The above NASA photo shows the effect of one of Saturn’s moons ‘gravitationally’ perturbing its rings. Compare this to the ‘see through’ pleated clothing worn by numerous Egyptian monarchs (above) and ordinary people in afterlife scenes.

I am proposing here that this ‘see through’ attire came about as a direct result of god king planets (and other bodies) perturbing Earths ring system (Hathor) of only 4,000 years ago – this was physically observed and represented in Egyptian art.

In other words, from a ground level point of view ancient cultures observed the sky monarchy through these transparent waves and accordingly carved, painted and dressed the monarchy in transparent attire – symbolism drawn from naked eye observations.

The so-called Aten used to be the solid iron core of Mars. It was sucked out through the Valles Marineris (enormous scar on Mars) sometime in the 7th century BC. And is solely responsible for an epoch in Egyptian history know to us as the Amarna period.

The Egyptians do not up and suddenly decide to rename the sun (Ra) to the Aten, to suggest such a thing is totally ridiculous.

The ‘children’ touching and held by the monarchy are droplets or blobs of iron also sucked out during the extraction of the Mars core – much as you would expect really.

The unusual Aten/Mercury incomplete ‘sunrays’ are not unusual at all; they represent exactly what was seen as the lopsided energy from Mercury/Aten ‘shone’ on the astral divine royal figures. It is the very reason why the worship of the Aten had to go through the royal family.

The distorted shape of the above figures (including the kids) is again drawn from naked eye observations of the gravitationally distorted Mars/Akhenaten and Venus/Nefertiti and the blobs of iron.

Please note; Tutankhamun is never shown or mentioned in any sacred scenes or inscriptions during the reign of Akhenaten his erroneously presumed father – this is because they were one and the same, both names given to MARS! The same would go for Amenhotep III and Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV) they are never shown together!

To be continued …



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