The Birth of Mercury and the Demise of Mars (gks 9)

Mars ‘locked’ above the Himalayas – a brief chronological order of events pertaining to the Amarna period.

Mars locked into a geosynchronous orbit above the Trans-Himalayas thus forming them. During this docking and as the larger magnet of earth began to suck out Mars’ smaller magnet (Mercury) Mars was named Amenhotep III (Amun=hotep = “Amun is pleased/content” = Amun as the aurora still observed). Mars/Amenhotep also held the very apt (& never repeated) title “The Dazzling Re Disk of all Lands” (the core of Mars illuminating Mars even brighter than the red sun) and adorned wings as it spun off volatiles as such like (relevant link). The winged disk of Mesopotamian cultures should also be synchronised with the winged disk of Mars.

At this time and in an act of appeasement an unprecedented amount (many hundreds) of Sekhmet statues were fashioned as the skies became even more deadly than ‘normal.’ Sekhmet = ‘Mistress of Dread,’ ‘Powerful of Heart,’ the ‘Scarlet Lady, Avenger of Wrongs,’ ‘Lady of Flame,’ ‘Eye of Re,’ and the ‘Lady of Slaughter.’ Many hundreds of Sekhmet statues have recently been disinterred in Karnak dated to around the time of Amenhotep III (Mars). This is no coincidence.

Sometimes the deadly sky would be directly attributed to the astral kings (as you would expect) for example we find references to the kings as “He is Sekhmet…”

The worship of Re-horakhte (Horus of the horizon) also became prevalent as Mars/Amenhotep in appearing stationary above the Himalayas was literally, from the location of Egypt, the “Re-Horus” of the horizon (Horus = the embodiment of kingship). All god kings when reigning over earth were “Horus God of Earth.” Another way of putting it, Mars/Amenhotep in the image of the Re on the horizon.

Upon separation Mars/Amenhotep became subservient to the Aten/Mercury as rays of energy were observed shining on Mars, exactly as portrayed.

The Amarna Period

The distorted Akhenaten/Mars along with an elongated Nefertiti (Comet Venus) and a couple of distorted children (iron blobs) offering electrical discharges (sprites) to the newly birthed Aten/Mercury.

Such scenes (left) were never to be repeated before or after the Amarna epoch because this incomprehensible event occurred only once.

As the doctrine of heaven had to be obeyed an immediate name change was in order – Amenhotep, previously “Amun is Content” now becomes Akhenaten, “Illuminated manifestation of the Aten” as the energy from the new born Mercury literally shines on Akhenaten Mars. This swing of allegiance away from Amun also due to auroral manifestations being blotted out by the light of Mercury/Aten.

Incessant sprites were also seen emanating from Mars/Akhenaten and Comet Venus/Nefertiti (“The Beautiful One has Arrived”), as depicted (sprites also discharging from earth). I would argue pretty much as you would expect really.

The Egyptians believed that to get to the Aten everything had to go through Akhenaten, this is because the rays of energy (light) emanating from the Aten/Mercury predominantly shone directly towards its parent body Mars/Akhenaten. Thus only Akhenaten/Mars had direct contact with the one and only sole god, the Aten-Mercury.

Mercury very rapidly cooled down and in taking on the attributes of the red sun (red disk) joined the royal bloodline of god kings. One of the first kingly names given to Mercury was Seti – “He of the god Seth.” Yet another very apt title as Mercury/Seti caused much devastation as it slowly migrated towards the Sun with Venus. Prior to this Mars and Mercury danced with earth for many years following the Amarna period. This reaches us via recorded history and the numerous so called co-regencies – Mars and Mercury as god kings ruling together. A point in case would be Seti/Mercury and his son “Ramesses the Great” (Mars). Both are depicted in reliefs smiting Egypt’s enemies. Ramesses, general of the army, apparently only 10 years old (yeah right! only above does this make sense).

As for additional geological evidence I cite Al de Grazia’s works “The Iron Age of Mars” where he fully embraces Ackerman’s Mercury from Mars theory and proposes the earth is covered in a layer of iron debris from Mars as a direct result of this incomprehensible event. (I would like to point out I disagree with much of Ackerman’s work apart from the actual extraction of Mercury).

Evidence: as we speak, the earth is even today still being bombarded by tons of iron micrometeorites. Believed to have existed from the birth of the Solar System – WRONG! This stuff is the remnants of the genesis of Mercury only a few thousand years ago!

Also, earth’s core favours the eastern hemisphere. In other words the core is further over to the east than the west. This has prompted scientists to propose that the core is actually migrating east. I think they are completely wrong on this count and what we are looking here is the aftermath of when Mars once locked into orbit above the Himalayas in the east. We have the larger magnet of earth pulling on the smaller magnet of Mars and in doing so our core/magnet migrating somewhat towards to east. A natural sequence of events?

Lopsided Growth at the Earth’s Core

Himalayas Mars Egyptian

Mars’ ‘docking scar’ – an almost circular footprint which dominates the Trans Himalayas.

The image on the left shows an almost circular raised relief where Mars once orbited above the Trans Himalayas. From a two way planetary perspective we have a lopsided dumbbell with the north pole of Mars pointing towards earth, earth tilting over slightly to meet Mars (magnetic forces the driving force here). This being the reason why Mars’ northern hemisphere shows signs of having its top blown off in some catastrophic event – it did, during encounters with earth.

This was a periodic resonance lasting several hundred years before ultimately culminating in the extraction of Mars’ core. A twenty-thirty year epoch. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back and allowed the planets to settle down into their present orbits. Using the revised chronology of many scholars (inc. Velikovsky) this occurred during the 7/8th century BC (moving the Amarna period that is). Corroboratory evidence for a ‘gradual’ uplift of the sea floor which formed the Himalayas comes to us via a pole shift.

As Earth and Mars locked together the north pole shifted to the centre of Hudson Bay in Canada, giving us a new temporary equator dissecting right through the Himalayas. This can be easily confirmed/understood with a globe in hand. Hudson Bay is still rebounding suggesting it was once covered in a glaciers, further suggesting that the raising of the Himalayas was a relatively slow event. In the blink of a eye in geological terms but not, I might add, a sudden electrical discharge event.