The Birth of Mercury and the Demise of Mars (gks 9)

The Egyptian Aten was the Planet Mercury

Valles Marineris Mars

Valles Marineris (enormous scar on Mars)

In this, and subsequent essay’s throughout my web (& books) it will be demonstrated how the so-called Aten has nothing whatsoever to do with the sun (Re). The Aten was originally the solid magnetic iron core of Mars. In a process involving electromagnetic forces involving Earth it was sucked out through the Valles Marineris (enormous scar on Mars, image on right) to become the planet Mercury. This almost incomprehensible event was first proposed by physicist and catastrophist J Ackerman (


Akhenaten, the Amarna Period, the Valles Marineris and Mars

Mercury Iron Core

The iron planet Mercury now covered in a thin layer (relatively speaking) of rocky debris. Origin of this debris, blasted off Mars and battled up as recorded in the numerous but unverified pharaonic battles.

The extraction of Mercury occurred sometime around the 7th century BC (Revised Chronology). The Egyptians meticulously recorded this incomprehensible event and comes to us via the heretic Mars/Akhenaten and the 17 year period (Earth-Mars synodic cycle) known as the Amarna Period.

Conventional wisdom says Mars once held a magnetic field driven by a solid spinning iron/nickel core but through some yet to be unexplained catastrophic event, its core froze leaving it open to the effects of the solar wind which subsequently depleted its magnetic field and striped Mars of its atmosphere, oceans, etc. Most of this is correct only the core of Mars DID NOT freeze or stop spinning (how?!), it was catastrophically extracted through the Valles Marineris to become the planet we now call Mercury.

The following is taken from a boundary stelae at Akhetaten, it clearly alludes to a separate body to the sun (Re).

Akhenaten summoned his officials in Akhetaten and solemnly announced:

“Behold Aten! The Aten wishes to have [a House?] made for him as a monument with an eternal and everlasting name. Now it is Aten, my father, who advised me concerning it, nor had any people in the entire land ever advised me concerning it, to tell me [a plan] for making Akhetaten in this distant place. … Behold, it is pharaoh who found it, when it did not belong to a god, nor to a goddess; when it did not belong to a male ruler, nor to a female ruler; when it did not belong to any people. … My father, Hor-Aten, proclaimed to me: ‘It is to belong to my Person, to be Akhetaten continually forever” (Murnane 1995: 75).

A few images of the Aten/Mercury. Please note; the following Aten’s along with their unusual lopsided ‘rays’ were all once painted a vivid RED, not yellow as erroneously portrayed in numerous ‘Hollywood’ documentaries.

Aten Akhenaten NefertitiAten Mercury Akhenaten


Aten Disk Sun

Extreme gravitational and electromagnetic forces saw all bodies appear distorted before, during, and after the extraction of the Aten (Mercury) from Mars (Akhenaten) – this was reflected in the imagery where the whole Amarna royal family (including the kids) were many times shown distorted and elongated. Akhenaten-Mars was many times depicted in female form because having just given birth to a new Sun god (for at least 17 years the Aten was the new Re), the terrestrial Egyptians hadn’t got a clue as to what was going on. In giving birth to a new deity he/she had to be a female, right? Or so the natural reasoning went.

The distorted elongated children are the residual blobs or droplets of iron also torn from the interior of Mars. Some of these at least, I believe would later impact the Moon causing the Maria. Large visible (now black) circular ‘seas’ on the moon.

The distorted Blue Crown worn by Mars/Akhenaten represents the distorted shape of Mars adorning a planetary ring system. Nefertiti’s crown is a symbolic representation of Venus ‘pillars.’ An apparition that can be observed even today – only 4,000 years ago, as a result of Venus orbiting much closer to earth, such images were far more prominent (see here & here). These pillared apparitions would lead to the building of enormous obelisks in the New Kingdom. Tuthmosis/Moon (‘born of the lunar god Thoth’) would also adorn ‘pillars’ and command the building of many obelisks.

The close proximity of Mars/Akhenaten (“Illuminated manifestation of the Aten”) to Venus/Nefertiti (“The Beautiful One Has Come”) simply reveals a conjunction between Mars and Venus. The fact that they are seated suggests to me both bodies appeared almost stationary in the heavens – Mars and Venus locked into a geosynchronous orbit (spinning with earth) around the earth. Pharaonic Mars ‘locked in’ above the Trans Himalayas, thus artificially and catastrophically dragging up this very ‘recent’ mountain range.