Sacred Chaos, Sacred Words (gks 4)

Tuthmosis I (Moon) Universal triumph

I made the boundaries of Egypt as far as that which the sun encircles. I made strong those who were in fear; I repelled the evil from them. I made Egypt the superior of every land […] favorite of Amun, Son of Ra, of his body, his beloved Thutmose (I), Shining like Ra, beloved of Osiris, First of the Westerners; Great God, lord of Abydos, ruler of eternity; given life, stability, satisfaction, and health, while shining as King upon the Horus-throne of the living; and joy of his heart, together with his ka, like Re, forever.


Thuthmosis I

Tuthmosis I British Museum.

I contend the Moon was captured in orbit around the earth only 3,000 years ago and some of the kingly names given to the moon were Ahmose, Kamose and Tuthmosis which means “Born of the God Thoth.” As the Moon/Tuthmosis fell under the tidal force of earth, it entered into a highly elliptical and erratic orbit taking it far and wide across the heavens, or as the Egyptians put it, “as far as that which the sun encircles.”

In extending Egypt’s borders most (if not all) god king planets were physically observed battling up countless quantities of ‘evil’ space debris (asteroids, comets, boulders, rocks, etc.). These border skirmishes, wars and battles were the battles of the pharaohs, wars in the heavens. I discuss the abnormalities surrounding these apparent terrestrial battles (such as the lack of archaeological evidence of them ever having taken place here on Earth) further in my books (See GKS 7).

The following when read in a celestial context are as good as self-explanatory.

Accession and power of Tuthmosis I

… the Good God, who smites the Nubians, lord of might, who overthrows the Asiatics. He made his boundary as far as the Horns of the Earth.

Tuthmosis III (Moon) Coronation Inscription.

“… the splendors of his horizon. He made festive heaven and earth with his beauty; he received the great marvels; his rays were in the eyes of the people like the “Coming forth of Harakhte (Horus of the two horizons).

 Tuthmosis/Moon, Ascent to heaven

He opened for me the doors of heaven; he opened the portals of the horizon of Re. I flew to heaven as a divine hawk, beholding his form in heaven; I adored his majesty —————- feast. I saw the glorious forms of the Horizon-God upon his mysterious ways in heaven.

His Coronation in Heaven

Ra himself established me, I was dignified with the diadems which were upon his head, his serpent-diadem, rested upon “my forehead he satisfied me with all his glories; I was sated with the counsels of the gods, like Horus, when he counted his body at the house of my father, Amun-Ra. I was presented with the dignities of a god, with ————- my diadems.

Thuthmosis III Atef Crown

Thuthmosis/Moon. Represented in the Atef Crown we have the red disk of the moon (molten) with cometary dust tails. The serpent diadem forms as the solar wind slams into the moon and wraps around the disk. Credit: Ancient Egypt and Archaeology Web Site.

Hatshepsut (Venus)

Hatshepsut Sphinx

Hatshepsut/Venus shown here as a lion-maned glowing sphinx?

Her majesty grew beyond everything; to look upon her was more beautiful than anything; her ———– was like a god, her form was like a god, she did everything as a god, her splendor was like a god; her majesty was a maiden, beautiful, blooming, Buto in her time. She made her divine form to flourish, a favor of him that fashioned her.

They shall set thy boundary as far as the bredth of heaven, as far as the limits of the twelth hour of the night.

“… who shines like the sun, your sovereign, mistress of heaven. Thy name reaches as far as the circuit of heaven, the fame of Maatkare (Hatshepsut) encircles the sea.

A viceroy (name unknown) serving under Tuthmosis III (Moon).

King Tuthmosis III; he magnified me in the midst.

(Breasted Vol 2)

This, I believe is a small body possible orbiting around the Moon (a moon of the moon) and becoming lager i.e. “magnified” enough to a position worthy of mention. The Moon/Tuthmosis seemingly promoting a smaller body to the forefront to be considered as a viceroy of the astral god king. These astral connotational inscriptions are infinite; the reason being the ancient Egyptians knew exactly what they were doing with their ‘scared’ images and inscriptions, they were venerating their celestial god kings.

Ramesses II – one of the many guises of the warring Mars.

Ramesses-Mars The Great

In dedication to Ramesses-Mars at Abu Simbel. God among gods, The “Ra of Rulers.”

Ramesses/Mars – Mars a red disk, ‘offspring’ (sa ra) of the Red Sun

It will become unequivocal that a celestial body in the image of the Red Sun disk is being referred to here.

Source of all the following: Breasted Vol 3

(My parenthesis)

Fashioned by Ra.

Horus Protecting Ramesses

The sky god Horus protecting the orb of Mars.

Son of Ra, of his body.

Strong and right “like” Ra, chosen of Ra, beloved of Amun (the Aurora).

Thou art Ra, thy body is his body.

The Ra of rulers.

Lord of the Two Lands (heaven and earth).

Lo, I was Ra over the people..

Thou comest as living Re to the people: the southland and Northland are beneath thy feet (literally)… the duration of the all Lord when he rises….” (this is not a reference to Ramesses getting out of bed!)

Shining upon the Horus-throne of the living like his father, Ra, everyday.

They praised this Good God (Ramesses), magnifying his beauty in his presence.

… our king, our Lord, our Sun…

Who makes all men live when he has shone on them.

I came forth from Ra, although ye say, from Menmare (Seti/Mercury) who brought me up.

The All-Lord himself (Seti/Mercury) made me great, when I was a child, until I reigned. He gave me the land while I was in the egg…

I fashioned my father (Seti/Mercury) in gold anew, in the first year of my appearance.

… when thou risest to heaven, when thy beauty ascends to the horizon, the eyes see thy excellent deeds before gods and Men.

… Ra commanded that thou name should be known in every land.

… while I shone as Ra for the people.

… wherein thou risest like Ra at early morning.

Health shall be for thy limbs like those of Ra in heaven.

He has come forth from us (sky gods) to exercise the kingship of Ra.

Ramesses with bow and arrow.

Ramesses with bow and arrow. The red disk above Ramesses head is the planet Mars.

Gold come forth from the mountain of his name.

Lord of Diadems (polar aurora on Mars).

… that lo, his majesty was sitting upon a great throne of electrum, diademed with the double feathered crown (Mars exhibiting cometary plumes).

Thou art like Ra in all that thou doest…

For thou art Ra in limbs, and Khepri with his true form (Ramesses/Mars interacting with earth’s magnetic field).

Thy heart is made into the likeness of Ptah (Mars appearing with blue traits similar to the periodic appearance of the blue Jupiter/Ptah who, appearing as a large blue star was accordingly depicted wearing a blue skullcap).

When his majesty appeared like the rising of Ra, he assumed the adornments of his father, Montu” (warring aspect of the aurora).

I (Ptah/Jupiter) fashioned thee to rise like Ra, exalted before the gods, King Ramesses.

I (Ptah) have wrought thy limbs of electrum, thy bones of copper, thy organs of iron.

Heaven is given to thee and that which is in it: earth is led to thee and that which is in it.

When thou appearest every day, the captives of the two lands are brought to thee.

I (Ptah/Jupiter) have set thy might in every country, thy fear encircles the mountains, and the chiefs tremble at the mention of thee.

Lord of the form of Khepri, in whose limbs is Ra, who came forth from Ra.

While thou shinest upon the throne of Ra, every land is under thy feet, forever.

When thou (Ramesses/Mars) came forth upon earth, thou wast like Ra on high.

He (Ramesses) who spreads out his wings over his army.

Could the Ancient Egyptians make it any clearer?! Mars, many times adorned wings. See, The Winged Disk of Mars. See also The None Existent Battles of the Pharaohs.

Ramesses II

Ramesses/Mars god among gods. From the left: 1 Ptah/Jupiter. 2 Amun-Ra (daytime Aurora). 3 Ramesses/Mars. 4 Ra-Horakhty (Horus of the horizons).