Comet Venus (gks 13)

Ancient Egypt Crowns New Planet Venus

Planetary Chaos EgyptComet Venus Plumes




Mars And Venus








Nefertiti Akhenaten Aten

On the left the distorted Akhenaten/Mars, in the middle the Aten/Mercury and on the right Nefertiti/Comet Venus.

Planetary Chaos Venus

The energy of the new born Aten/Mercury shining on Mars and Comet Venus.

Comets Planets Venus

Venus without the plumes. Probably below the horizon.

Velikovsky Ancient Egypt


Nefertari Venus CometsPlanets Ancient Egypt

Planet Venus CometsEarth Encounters Venus

Comets Ancient Egypt

The goddess Hathor (earth’s rings) and Isis (ecliptic haze) crown Nefertari (comet Venus).

Comet Egypt Pharaohs

King Djoser (‘Divine of the body’) This god king’s headdress isn’t a fashion statement! King Djoser was a guise of Mars who, at this particular time, also exhibited cometary traits. Also note, the traditional rich red flesh, this doubtless indicative of Mars, the Red god of war.

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