Comet Egypt and the Two Lands (gks 15)

Egyptian False DoorsOn the left we have two ‘comet’ figures enclosed in a false door. False doors were a means by which the earthly Egyptians would talk to their friends and relatives in the land above – a very real physical world above, or so it was believed.






Golden Face Mask

Gold Face Mask

Egyptian Afterlife Asteriods







Credit: British Museum

Middle and left: golden comets; close proximity bodies coloured gold due to the light from the Sun.

Right: blue hair! Why? Answer, comets many times appeared blue especially during the day.

It was believed some of the resurrected Egyptians would spend eternity with the sun god Re.

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The comet form wasn’t exclusive to coffins and the afterlife, on the contrary the ‘comet look’ as you would expect also featured in life statues as well.

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If this isn’t a Comet I don’t know what is!

Senenmut Hatshepsut Daughter

Senenmut Hathor CometsOn the left we have Senenmut who I believe was a guise of Mars. Out ranked (outsized) at this particular time by Hatshepsut/Venus (“foremost of the noble women” & “just and full of vitality like the Sun.’).

Almost lost amidst the dust and debris Senenmut/Mars appears fixed on the horizon taking on the attributes of a comet whist seemingly holding a smaller body (daughter) in front of him. Why else would you bury a child in granite in this way?

While we’re on the subject, the statue on the right again depicts Senenmut/Mars appearing within Hathor – Earth’s Ring of Debris (hat-hor = “house of the king”).