A Revamped Hatshepsut-Venus (GKS 3)

Venus in the Guise of Hatshepsut (gks 3)


Hathor, Isis, Ptah, Sokar, Atum & the “Sun of the Night,” Atum-Ra

Yet more erroneously labelled ‘mythical’ Egyptian deities granted real physical presence. The fact is they only make sense in a world shrouded in chaos. We culminate with the creator God Atum-Ra = Gegenschein! See GKS 26

Hathor, Isis, Ptah, Sokar, Atum & the “Sun of the Night,” Atum-Ra (gks 26)



Extraterrestrial Sands – Available Now!

Extraterrestrial Sands is available to buy now! Click here to view more.

Extraterrestrial Sands – Pre-order now!

My new book “Extraterrestrial Sands” will be in print in about 3/4 weeks. It is now available for pre-order here and here.


Quartz sand is anywhere and everywhere imaginable on the surface of the Earth. It forms the vast sandy Sahara and Arabian deserts, where dunes can reach a staggering 180 meters (600 ft) in height. It makes up the world’s immense sandstone deposits, forms our beaches and is present in most soils around the globe.

The question is: …


Third Book – Extraterrestrial Sands – Coming Soon!

Apologies for not updating my web for a while as I’ve been busy writing my third book. It should be available by the latest February 2016, possibly sooner.

‘Extraterrestrial Sands’ presents a complete contrast (understatement) to any previous work as it is centered the geological evidence for catastrophism…. notably, the fact that earth is strewn with dust and debris from Mars, in particular sand. I won’t say too much now other than leave you with the cover blurb draft.

“Quartz …


A Few Thousand Years Old?

One of my articles over at Thunderbolts Picture of the Day (TPOD):


Winged Disk

I’ve constructed a short YouTube clip giving my definition as to how and why the ‘winged disk’ emblem so often seen throughout the ancient world came about. See here Bearing in mind I’m no Spielberg.


Prediction Confirmed! – Mercury’s Iron Core

Prediction confirmed!

On July 26, 2010 I made the following calculated prediction. Verbatim quote (see here (scroll down)):

“A prediction: Mercury’s rocky outer shell will be found to be far thinner than expected (or the iron mass far larger).”

Now take a look at this recent news article titled ‘Mercury gets a dose of extra iron.’

 “Team members on the MESSENGER mission orbiting Mercury—with some help from Earth-based radar scientists—are reporting that Mercury’s iron core is even larger than


The Babylonian God of the Sun

Coming soon:

Shamash (Shemesh/Utu) the Babylonian God of the Sun – A hazed haloed Sun. NOT SATURN!


The Ram-Headed Amun and the Magnetic Field of Mars.

The Ram-Headed Amun and the Magnetic Field of Mars.